The mission at HUNT PETTY LP is to promote the achievement of policy parity in the alignment of US and Cuban offshore safety regimes.  Such alignment further is sought for a One Gulf of Mexico and Wider Caribbean program for deepwater offshore drilling.

SAFE SEAS can only be achieved by application of the highest standards of prevention of drilling related pollution. 

CLEAN SEAS can only be maintained by access to effective pollution planning and response technologies.

Our Mission



    •  Upstream Issues Consulting and Advisory Services
    •  Regulatory and Legislative Consulting
    •  Specialty and Niche Conferences and Workshops
    •  US-Cuba Relations in the Upstream, Drilling and

        Environmental Spill Prevention, Planning and Response


    •  Strategic Consulting on US-Cuban Oil & Gas Policies and


    •  Geo-Political Expertise and Strategic Advisory Services

Safe Seas - Clean Seas One Gulf Caribbean Environmental Drilling Symposium Havana, Cuba  October 18-22, 2015


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