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With current coast-to-coast operations in nine states, Burgos Group provides construction, facilities operations, logistics and professional technical services to federal, state, and municipal agencies as well as many private industry clients.

HWCG is a consortium of deepwater operators in the Gulf of Mexico with the common goal of expanding response capabilities to subsea incidents to protect people, property and the environment.

Our mission is to enhance safety, security and productivity of marine systems and operations through the provision of advanced 3D simulation, visualization, and integrated engineering technologies.  

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Since 1958, Cliff Berry Inc. has been providing comprehensive environmental services for local, national, and international customers by combining technical expertise and problem solving proficiency. Our market methodology speaks to a customer centric service approach, always focusing our strengths towards providing the best solutions to our customers’ needs.

Oil & Gas Journal is the world's most widely read petroleum industry publication covering the latest international oil and gas news, analysis of issues and events, and delivery of practical operational technologies to meet the needs of engineers, oil management, and executives throughout industry.

Horizon Marine merged with Woods Hole Group and now provides clients with integrated metocean solutions to support a project's life-cycle through the collection, analysis and interpretation of oceanographic data.

In the post-Macondo world a new market has emerged to provide global offshore operators with services to ensure they are compliant with regulatory requirements dealing with subsea blowouts and that they are prepared to respond to said blowouts. Trendsetter Engineering are the world leaders in this new market segment, having built the majority of the Capping Stacks in use today, and provide ongoing training and education to operators and regulators globally.

EDF is a leading nonprofit organization representing more than two million members. Our mission is to preserve the natural systems on which all life depends. EDF is dedicated to protecting the environmental rights of all people, including future generations. Guided by science, EDF evaluates environmental problems, and works to create and advocate for solutions that win lasting political, economic and social support because they are nonpartisan, cost-efficient and fair. Since 2000, EDF has collaborated with Cuban environmental institutions and others on conservation of marine ecosystems, fisheries science and management.

Elastec manufactures oil spill and water pollution recovery equipment to keep our waterways clean. Our product portfolio includes skimmers, containment and fire booms, BoomVane, vacuums, workboats, incinerators, and silt curtains.

Marine Pollution Control was the first oil and hazardous materials clean-up Company in the Great Lakes and one of the first in the nation.  Since its founding in 1967, the Company has evolved into a highly mobile, rapid-responder, specializing in emergency response on both water and land, and in industrial clean-up services, training, regulatory compliance, and the development of advanced technologies.  

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SEACOR Marine is among the leading providers of global marine and support transportation services to offshore oil and gas exploration, development and production facilities worldwide. SEACOR Marine currently operates a diverse fleet of offshore support and specialty vessels that deliver cargo and personnel to offshore installations; handle anchors and mooring equipment required to tether rigs to the seabed; tow rigs and assist in placing them on location and moving them between regions; and carry and launch equipment used underwater in drilling and well installation, maintenance and repair. Additionally, SEACOR Marine’s vessels provide accommodations for technicians and specialists, and provide safety support and emergency response services. 

OILMAN - The Magazine for Leaders in American Energy. Honoring the proud history of the Oil & Gas industry and reporting the developing trends shaping the future of the industry.

ResilientRM℠ has a mission to support companies to be withstanding, yet flexible in design – regardless of any known or unknown hazards. Our risk management consultants deliver world-class services that can review an organization's risk profile, manage its compliance, and develop custom plans that allows any organization to remain strong and adaptable in partnership with stakeholders and the communities they serve.

Founded in 1970, CSA Ocean Sciences Inc. (CSA) is a marine environmental consulting firm that specializes in multidisciplinary projects concerning potential environmental impacts of activities throughout the world.

Founded in 1970, CSA Ocean Sciences Inc. (CSA) is a marine environmental consulting firm that specializes in multidisciplinary projects concerning potential environmental impacts of activities throughout the world.

For more than 35 years, Resolve Marine Group has specialized in Emergency Response, Salvage, Compliance and Wreck Removal. Resolve has continued to grow and support its core services of Emergency Response and Wreck Removal through the addition of Resolve Engineering Group, offering naval architecture and marine engineering services. As well Resolve now owns more than 35 floating assets supporting Emergency Response and Wreck Removal around the world. Resolve’s Maritime Academy is a distinct business that helps train Resolve’s in house crews and salvors. Resolve Academy is one of the largest training facilities in the US, offering specialized courses in world class facilities consisting of Bridge and Engine Room Simulators, and a four deck Fire Fighting training vessel focused on the cruise line, yacht and commercial shipping industry. The company maintains emergency response operations throughout all US COTP zones as a USCG approved OPA 90 SMFF provider, and Alaska APC provider. Internationally Resolve provides SPRO services in China and has Depots, Offices and Warehouses in Singapore, China, India, UK, Gibraltar, Rotterdam, and South Africa. US Offices, FL, AL, LA, AK; Anchorage and Dutch Harbor.

Confront Emergencies with Knowledge. The maritime professionals at Darley Consulting, Inc. educate command personnel in the offshore/onshore oil and gas sector in emergency, command, and action-oriented leadership. Under intense simulated crisis conditions, DCI instructs and thoroughly assesses the competency of command and plant personnel. A leader in emergency protocol and assessments, DCI also provides senior talent to the U.S. Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA). Risk is inevitable. Think of the big picture. Think ahead.

THREE DECADES OF OIL SPILL RESPONSE EXCELLENCE:  Oil Spill Response Limited (OSRL) is the largest international industry funded cooperative which exists to respond to oil spills anywhere in the world.


With a staff comprised of environmental scientists, agricultural economists, and individuals with public relations expertise, TIAER is uniquely positioned to engage stakeholders while holistically addressing key environmental concerns.

Cuba Trade Magazine is a national monthly publication that covers trade, travel and investment in and with Cuba. It promotes engagement with Cuba to an audience of U.S. executives and legislators.

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Nova Southeastern University Halmos College of Natural Sciences and Oceanography provides high-quality undergraduate and graduate education programs in a broad range of disciplines, including natural sciences, marine sciences, mathematics, biology (pre-medical, pre-health profession) and chemistry. Research is done by faculty and students in a number of areas, including coral reefs, physics, genomics, sharks, fisheries, biology, chemistry, and mathematics. 

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Boots & Coots, experienced leaders in addressing the most challenging source control problems, have specialists on call 24/7 and the fastest industry response, with strategically staged personnel and equipment globally.

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