1:45 – 4:00                   Session 3: Deepwater Source Control: Prevention and Mitigation  

                                    Moderator: Brandee Elieff

                                    Brandee Elieff is Wells Technical Interface Manager, Exxon Mobil, Houston, TX

                                    Mitigating the Risk of Oil Spills: Operational Drilling Procedures and Assurances: Gary Bowers, Well Engineering Manager, New Ventures, Tullow Oil,

                                    Georgetown, Guyana

                                    Policies, procedures and training to minimize risk, maximize safety and mitigate consequences from an operator’s perspective.


                                       Training to Maintain Competency in Well Control: Mark Denkowski, Vice-President Accreditation Operations, International Association of Drilling Contractors

                                    (IADC), Houston, TX

​                                     Oil Spill Prevention is Job 1: International programs for certification, qualification and competency of rig-based employees.

                                       Components of a Source Control Response: The Steps Needed to Cap a Subsea Well: Brett Morry, Global Technical Director, Trendsetter Engineering,

                                    Houston, TX


                                       Using a fictitious well control event offshore, the presentation examines the structure of a source control response. Particular emphasis is given to the

                                    pre-work required prior to installing a Capping Stack on a flowing well.

                                       International Guidance in Planning Emergency Response for Subsea Oil Spills: Patrick Brenan, Technical Advisor, KOSMOS Energy and Chairman, Source

                                    Control Committee, International Oil and Gas Producers Assn. (IOGP)

​                                    The International Oil and Gas Producers Association (IOGP) Wells Expert Committee has produced Report 594 to help guide operating companies in planning

                                    and preparing an effective emergency response plan for subsea oil spills.

 4:00 – 4:15                    Coffee and Refreshment Break

                                     Sponsored By: International Association of Drilling Contractors (IADC)  

 3:45 – 5:30                   Session 7:Shared Experiences in Regional Cooperation

                                    Moderator: Dr. Vincent Adams

                                    Dr. Adams is Executive Director, Guyana Environmental Protection Agency

                                    A panel of experts with experience in regional activities and initiatives discuss their perspectives on the enablers of and barriers to successful regional

                                    cooperation in enhancing offshore deepwater development:

                                    Tommy Tomblin, Oil Spill Advisor, ExxonMobil , Georgetown, Guyana

                                    Mature global oil and gas companies have assembled perhaps the most extensive experience operating in diverse cultural and environmental locations.

                                    ExxonMobil applies its "Operations Integrity Management System" worldwide to achieve safe, reliable and environmentally responsible results.

                                    David Cook, GAICO-CORENA, Georgetown, Guyana

                                    Perspectives on international partnerships and cooperative government-to-industry experiences.

                                    Roy Barrett, The Response Group, Cypress, TX

                                    The Greater Caribbean and Gulf of Mexico afford a rich baseline of regional and international cooperative agreements and experiences.

                                    Adriano Ranieri, Witt O’Brien’s Brazil

                                    The importance of bringing together both public and private partners to resolve environmental impacts in a creative and cost- effective way: lessons from the

                                    Brazilian Shoreline Protection project.

                                    Robert Williams and Peter Baldauf, Volga-Dnepr, Houston, TX

                                    Equipment relied upon by offshore oil and gas drilling and production is beyond typical industrial dimensions. Heavy aircraft lift capacity is critical to

                                    successful field development and support logistics.  Uniquely, heavy lift capability also is a critical component of emergency response mobilization.


Conclusion: Next Steps 
Brian T Petty, General Partner, Hunt Petty LP

Enhancing Offshore E & P Regional Capacity:
Operational and Environmental Safeguards

September 16-17, 2019
Georgetown Marriott Hotel

Georgetown, Guyana

 10:30 – 12:30               Session 5: Risk Management of Collateral Activities

​                                    Moderator: David Zaworski

​                                    David Zaworski is Director of Safety, ERA Helicopters, Houston, TX

                                    An Aviation Operator’s Perspective: Managing the Fundamentals for Safe Helicopter Operations: James Stottlemyer, Director, Safety (Americas) and

                                    Global Safety Performance, Bristow Group, Houston, TX

How an aviation operator manages the interaction among man, machine and environment to ensure safe and efficient passenger transport and Search

                                    Rescue (SAR) Operations. How industry collaboration with HeliOffshore enhances an individual operator’s capabilities and the culture of sharing best


                                    Maritime Safety and Coordination: Capt. John Flores, Director of Maritime Safety, Maritime Administration Department (MARAD), Guyana

                                    Vessel inspection and certification; modifications of traditional vessel routing required by offshore deepwater field production​

                                    Situational Awareness: Stakeholder Preparedness for Simultaneous Operations (SIMOPS): Ed Turner, Witt O’Brien’s, Houston, TX

                                    Knowing the risks and considerations of geographical and environmental assessments in a world of focused ESG Criteria.

                                    Domain Awareness: Asset Management During Spill Recovery Operations (SIMOPS): Brian Hansen, ExxonMobil Emergency Preparedness & Response,

                                    Houston, TX

                                    Coordination and control of movement of aircraft, vessels, personnel and response resources during simultaneous operations

 12:30 – 1:30                 Lunch Break

                                    Sponsored By: Tullow Oil

 1:30 – 3:15                   Session 6: Enhancing Capacity of Human Resources

​                                    Moderator: Floyd Scott

                                    Floyd Scott is Director, Council for Technical & Vocational Education & Training (C-TVET)

                                    Enhancing Capacity Means Enhancing Education of Future Leaders: Developing Infrastructure for Education and Workforce Training:

                                    Dr. Andrew Chater, Senior Lecturer and Head of Department, University of Guyana

                                    University led educational programs supporting an oil & gas industry; private enterprise training of employees for local workforce development

                                    Jamacia Blair, University of Guyana

                                    Student expectations of opportunity and challenges for post-graduation employment

                                  ​  Private Enterprise Training of Local Workforce to Support the Oil & Gas Industry:

                                    Billy Pellegrin, Edison Chouest Offshore: local crew training for offshore service vessels, New Orleans, LA

                                    Lars Mangal, TOTALTEC: training basic offshore employment skills, Georgetown, Guyana
                                    Earl Aaron, Berbice Onshore Support Services (BOSS), New Amsterdam, Guyana: training supply base & fabrication shop personnel

3:15 - 3:45                   Coffee and Refreshment Break

                                       Sponsored By: Builder Sponsors

  7:30 – 8:30                  Welcoming Coffee

                                    Sponsored By: Pioneer Sponsors

  8:00 – 10:00                Session 4: Surface Spill Operations: Remediation

                                  ​  Moderator: Newell Dennison

                                    Newell Dennison is Commissioner, Guyana Geology & Mines Commission (GGMC) Guyana

                                    Factors, Dynamics and Scope of Spill Response Options: Paul Schuler, Oil Spill Response Limited (OSRL), Port Everglades, FL

                                    A multitude of methodologies, tactics and response mechanisms available for offshore, near-shore and onshore spill remediation

                                    Southern Caribbean: Equipment, inventory and deployment: Komal Singh, GAICO Construction Services and David Cook, GAICO-CORENA, Guyana  

                                    On-hand, on-time availability of equipment staging for rapid deployment

                                    Regional Response Capacity in the Caribbean:Mark Kelly, National Response Corporation (NRC), Great River, NY

                                    Incident Command Duties and Responsibilities During Spill Operations: Col. Kester Craig, Director, Civil Defence Commission (CDC), Guyana

10:00 – 10:30                Coffee and Refreshment Break

                                    Sponsored By: Explorer Sponsors

A Strategic Resource for the Global Oil & Gas Exploration Industry

 Monday, September 16

 7:30 – 8:30                   Registration and Coffee Service

                                    Sponsored By: Berbice Onshore Support Services (BOSS)

                                    Welcoming of Delegates

                                    Dr. Lee Hunt, General Partner, Hunt Petty LP

                                    The Conference highlights regional capabilities should a deepwater loss of source control lead to a Tier 3 oil spill. If the incident is of sufficient magnitude                                              and character, then emergency response assistance from national and international resources is required. Preparatory planning ensures protection of marine                                          and terrestrial ecosystems, employing technical advances in subsea source control as part of a robust spill management contingency system.

 8:30 – 9:15                   Keynote Opening of Conference 

​​                                    Dr. Mark Bynoe, Ministry of the Presidency, Director, Department of Energy, Co-Operative Republic of Guyana   

                                    Successful management of the petroleum sector requires continuous collaboration with stakeholder agencies which have various degrees of responsibility in                                            ensuring the operational integrity of the sector. As wells are designed and field development planned, performance optimization and risk minimization is of                                            paramount importance.

                                    Environmental Concerns and Considerations

                                    Dr. Vincent Adams, Executive Director, Environmental Protection Agency, Co-Operative Republic of Guyana

                                    Managing Oil & Gas and natural resources development in a responsible, sound environmental manner.

 Tuesday, September 17

 4:15 – 5:30                   Session 3 Continuation: Deepwater Source Control Experts Panel

                                    Moderator: Brandee A. Elieff, ExxonMobil

                                    A panel of industry experts representing Oil Spill Response Organizations, Industry Organizations and Operators to discuss and answer questions on how to

                                   develop, maintain and deploy a wholistic source control emergency response plan.​



​                                    • Patrick Brenan, Technical Advisor, KOSMOS Energy and Chairman, Source Control Committee, International Oil and Gas Producers Assn. (IOGP), Dallas, TX

                                    • Brian Dunn, Wells Emergency Response Advisor, ExxonMobil, Houston, TX

                                    • Guy Fox, Senior Product Manager-Well Control & Prevention Services, Boots & Coots, Houston, TX

                                    • Mitch Guinn, Oil Spill Response USA, Senior Subsea Advisor- OSRL/SWIS I, Houston, TX

                                    • Chris LeCompte, General Manager, Well CONTAINED, Wild Well Control, Houston, TX

                                    • Brett Morry, Global Technical Director, Trendsetter Engineering, Houston, TX

                                    Questions, Answers and Discussion

 9:15 – 10:30                 Session 1: Capacity Enhancement Through Regional Cooperation

                                    Moderator: Dr. Barbara Reynolds

                                    Dr. Barbara Reynolds is Deputy Vice Chancellor, University of Guyana

                                    Perspectives on Regional Cooperation:Capt. Gerry Gouveia, Chairman, Private Sector Commission, CEO, RORAIMA AIRWAYS

                                    IInternational Protocols and Regional Cooperation: Ms. Donnette Streete, Senior foreign Service Officer, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Co-Operative

                                    Republic of Guyana                                                

                                    The Cartagena Convention and Oil Pollution Response and Cooperation (OPRC) Plans in the Caribbean.

                                    Resiliency and Capacity Initiatives in the Caribbean: Seth Wikas, Desk Officer for Guyana, Suriname, & Trinidad and Tobago, U.S. Department of State,          

                                    Washington, D.C.

                                    Governmental activities to enhance capacity

                                    International Contributors to Enhancing Regional Capacity: Industry Associations: Wafik Beydoun, Director Americas, International Association of Oil & Gas

                                    Producers (IOGP), Houston, TX; Alexa Burr, Director System Programs – Global Industry Services, American Petroleum Institute(API), Washington, D.C.; Mark

                                    Denkowski, Vice President, Accreditation Operations, International Association of Drilling Contractors (IADC), Houston, TX

                                    Industry associations bring together company experts to address critical issues in the upstream O&G enterprise. The result is mutually derived,

                                    consensus driven reports, recommendations, guidelines, statements of best practices and standards. In the upstream (drilling and exploration activities) the

                                    International Association of Oil & Gas Producers (IOGP), the American Petroleum Institute (API) and the International Association of Drilling Contractors (IADC)

                                    are recognized global leaders whose programs offer a wealth of resources available as building blocks for enhancing capacity for safe, efficient offshore


10:30 – 11:00                Coffee and Refreshment Break

                                    Sponsored By: Tiger Tanks Trinidad

11:00 – 12:45                Session 2: Guyana and the Caribbean

                                    Moderator: Joe Pope 

                                    Joe Pope is Vice President, Sales and Marketing for North and South America, Valaris, Houston, TX

                                    Metocean Connectivity in the Americas:The Value of In situ Data for Predicting Ocean Current Behavior: Matt Cadwallader, Business Development Director,

                                    Woods Hole Group, MA

                                    Analysis of major ocean currents within the Caribbean and the value of in situ data in predicting ocean current behavior for operational support during spill



                                    Ocean Current Behavior Studies in Guyana: Lyndon Alves, National Weather Watch Center, Guyana

                                    Guyana Oil Spill Modeling – Potential for Cross Regional Impacts: Wolfgang J Konkel, Environmental Scientist, ExxonMobil Biomedical Sciences, Inc.,

                                    Annandale, NJ

                                    Predictive models and tracking oil spill migration from Suriname-Guyana to the greater Caribbean

                                    Using Geographical Information Systems (GIS) in Sensitivity Mapping: Haimwant Persaud, Manager, GSI Unit, Ministry of Natural Resources, Guyana

                                    Regional Environmental Sensitivity Mapping: Case Studies in Suriname and Trinidad and Tobago: Dr. Jodi Harney, Energy Director | Senior Scientist, CSA 

                                    Ocean Sciences, Inc., Tampa, FL  


12:45 – 1:45                  Lunch Break

                                    Sponsored By: Valaris